About us

Come enjoy Denver’s ultimate selection of concentrates! We have over 14 different strains of concentrate… and the real low prices in Denver.
Our concentrates are up to 75% thc, highest pure quality with smooth taste like butter.

Our mission is to provide medicine that is of the highest quality. Our scientific approach to growing really shows in our product. We focus on not just the flowers of the plant, but the root system and natural microbes in the growing medium. When you take care of all the important systems that make up the plant, you can get the best quality flowers (buds) to treat your ailments.

The friendly greenhouse staff can help you find the right strain for your needs. If you’re new to dispensaries, we can explain the different Cannabinoids that make up the plants active ingredients, and how they can benefit you.


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Green Cross is currently reviewing resumes for future employment. Please feel free to email your resume to info@cannabisdenver.com


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1842 South Parker Road #18
Denver, CO 80237